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Our Mission

Squadron 3 takes its namesake from the fastest flying flight demonstration team in the world, the Air Force Thunderbirds, who demonstrate precision and excellence with every flight. 

Just like them we strive to be “Only The Best” in everything we do in order to make us the most well rounded cadets and students in the Corps. As Thunderbirds, we hold ourselves accountable to the Air Force Core Values: “Integrity first; Service before self; Excellence in all we do.” This helps us breed an environment of success for our cadets in within the Corps, the classroom, the community, as well as other organizations and positions throughout the Texas A&M campus; preparing leaders for the military or civilian world.

Our Story

Deriving from an outfit of all fish, Squadron “BC” Three activated in 1960. B.C. was a popular prehistoric comic strip created by cartoonist Johnny Hart. It provided the inspiration behind the name and logo of the outfit.
In the fall of 1986, Squadron “Thrashin” Three was born with an iconic reaper logo. In the early 1990s, members of “Thrashin” Three established Squadrons “Challenger” 17 and “Avenger” Five.
In 1999, after “Thrashin” disbanded, the current Squadron “Thunderbird” Three activated. Named after the elite air demonstration team, we expect excellence in all we do. A commitment to scholastic excellence, an emphasis on unity and camaraderie and involvement define our motto of “Only the Best”.

"The firmest friendships have been formed in mutual adversity as iron is most strongly welded by the fiercest fire"